With the founding of Ternopil Medical Institute in 1957, the Accounting Office, a main financial support service, was established as an integral part of it.

From the establishment of the educational institution until 1974 the Accounting Office was headed by O.T. Yelisieyeva, from 1974 to 1982 – by B.Y. Zayets, from 1982 to 1999 – by S.M. Denefil.

Since 1999, T.Ye. Mudryk has been the Chief Accountant of I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University.

The main tasks of the Accounting Office of the university are: accounting of financial and economic activities and reporting, ensuring compliance with budget legislation in assumption of budget commitment, control over the availability and movement of property, use of financial and material resources in accordance with the approved standards and cost estimates, presence of reliable and complete information about business transactions in documents and results of the university financial affairs.

Accounting Office

T.Ye. Mudryk,

Chief Accountant

The Chief Accountant arranges the work on accounting and provides enforcement of decisions subordinated to the Accounting Office, manages the activities of the Office, develops accounting policies and forms of internal accounting as well as document management rules, controls the use of financial and material funds according to the approved regulations and cost estimates.

A creative approach towards communication with people by T.Ye. Mudryk makes her an integrator, bringing people together and motivating them to a team work. The result is proved by a cohesive team of the university staff.

Today the Accounting Office of the university involves 17 people. Each accountant is responsible for a specific financial area and performs their duties according to the job description.

The old hand experts of the accounting service are L.S. Dakhim (working since 1982) and L.D. Vinnytska (working since 1983).

Office Staff (from left to right): A.S. Dziubanovska, L.L. Kovalchuk, L. a. Drahan, M.Ya. Yaremchuk, N M. Verbova, O.I. Vorobiova, T.Ye. Mudryk, L.S. Dakhim, O.Ya. Kurpina, N.V. Tymchyshyn, I.A. Hnativ, S.I. Dziuba, L.D. Vinnytska, H.V. Hlushko (2016)